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How it works

QRpass is a new way to create QRcode. The QRcode is convenient, easy, versatile, useful but is UGLY.
QRpass overcomes this problem. THANKS to its minimally invasive approach allows you to put QRcode to any image without WASTING the content and THE context.
QRpass is DIRECT TO graphic designers, web designers, managers and OTHER users.

In short QRpass is for everyone. Start creating your own QRpass just entering your email address (it is important to enter a valid one because the password necessary to change the Qrpass will be sent on this address) and then please wait for the creation of your QRcode.
Once created you can choose from several options for your QRpass as:
- REDIRECT URL, which allows you to enter an address to which the site resends the time of scanning the QRcode;
- Aggregator SOCIAL , , where you can enter all the links to your social networks and web sites, customizing the aggregator with colors and backgrounds.
- PAGE MOBILE , t.i. a small website on your smartphone when someone scan your QRpass he will be directed to the small page that you have created and hosted on our server.

All our services are free; there is only a 10 seconds banner that allow the follow-up to the service.

If you want the best, move on your QRpass from free to PRO and you will have many advantages like:
- No delay with advertising
- direct Help desk
- Support for the integration of your QRpass
do not waste time and create your own Qrcode, made-up and accessible!.